Releasing equity whilst retaining clinical autonomy and partial ownership.

National Dental Group

Be part of a national dental group with fellow dentist owners.

The Dental Group allows practice owners to enjoy the fruits of their labour whilst still retaining clinical autonomy. We provide the capital to release equity from your practice and encourage retained ownership of 20-40%.

As well as retained ownership in your practice The Dental Group offers the opportunity to reinvest a proportion of your sale proceeds into their national dental group. A unique opportunity to invest in the profession alongside fellow dentist owners.

Facilitating practice succession

The Dental Group is able to assist with the often difficult process of practice succession. By selling down 60-80% of their business the principal dentist(s) are able to de-risk their position. Then later with The Dental Groups’ assistance they can onsell their remaining shareholding either to associate dentists or other clinicians introduced by The Dental Group.

You may not be ready to retire and still want to retain control but wish to reduce the risk of practice ownership. We create bespoke deals to fit individual needs – talk to us, we have various options.

Supporting dentists into practice ownership

Practice ownership can be a big step. We invest alongside dentists to make ownership attainable. If you are interested in purchasing a practice but don’t have the funds, we can help. You can have the clinical and managerial autonomy to build your practice while The Dental Group provides financial security and access to significant practice management IP.

About us

The Dental Group was founded by Andy Tapper. After 15 years at the helm of Lumino The Dentists, Andy developed a huge passion for the dental profession. He has built The Dental Group based on a shared ownership model, allowing vendor dentists to reinvest in the parent company as well as retaining an ownership interest at practice level. Funding support is from the privately held Masfen family enterprise, Artemis Capital.